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Youth Leadership School

2 days and nights, $30 (meals included)

The Leadership Institute’s flagship school, nicknamed “the boot camp of politics,” provides you with effective techniques to organize and lead mass-based youth efforts for candidates and causes of your choice.

The Youth Leadership School has launched more successful political careers than any other Leadership Institute training program.

Topics covered include:

  • Building an effective student organization
  • Getting out the vote
  • Earned media (favorable publicity)
  • Developing a public relations strategy
  • Launching a successful career in politics

This school is held on college campuses across the country and at the Leadership Institute in Arlington, Virginia.

Upcoming Dates:
Aug. 15, 2015
Des Moines, IA

This is a 2-day school

Sep. 12, 2015
Las Vegas, NV

This is a 2-day school

Sep. 19, 2015
Richmond, KY

This is a 2-day school

Sep. 26, 2015
Tallahassee, FL

This is a 2-day school

Sep. 26, 2015
Anchorage, AK

This is a 2-day school

Oct. 10, 2015
Eugene, OR

This is a 2-day school

Oct. 17, 2015
San Diego, CA

This is a 2-day school

Nov. 14, 2015
Arlington, VA

This is a 2-day school

Nov. 21, 2015
Seattle, WA

This is a 2-day school

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Daryl Ann Dunigan

Contact Daryl Ann with your questions or to request training.

What graduates say

  •  I learned more practical information in the last two days than I learned in all of my college courses combined.

    Drew Dillingham's photo

    Drew Dillingham

    Stony Brook University, Class of 2012

  • The LI training I received was so detailed and effective, I truthfully believe I now know more about politics, campaigns, and how to lead and win and learned more in two days than I did over the course of my collegiate career.

    Joshua Goode's photo

    Joshua Goode

    University of Tennessee, Class of 2013

  •  The YLS is jam packed with hands-on, practical lessons that can be implemented immediately.

    Taylor Williams's photo

    Taylor Williams

    University of Idaho, Class of 2012

  •  A political boot camp that will expand your knowledge beyond anything you could imagine.

    Jordan Guinn's photo

    Jordan Guinn

    Utah Valley University, Class of 2014