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The Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School is a rigorous training that provides you the tools to be an effective youth leader and win for candidates and causes of your choice. This elite training allows you to elevate your status in the political arena increasing the likelihood you are chosen for a position in the political job market. This “boot camp of politics” is necessary for anyone who wants to be active in the political process.

You will learn to:

  • Coordinate large numbers of volunteers and voters
  • Recruit and maximize the efforts of your group
  • Motivate volunteers with new and exciting projects
  • Host successful speaker events
  • Develop eye-catching signs and literature
  • Effectively influence your audience through the media
  • Organize activism projects you can implement immediately



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Carly Tomaine

Contact Carly with your questions or to request training.

What graduates say

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Juan Howard

Using the techniques learned at the YLS, we improved the share of the youth vote won by Glenn Youngkin by over 20% points helping him to win his election to Governor of Virginia.

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Lee Jackson

Political Strategist

The Youth Leadership School really took my political career to the next level. Without the people I met and the lessons I learned in the YLS, I wouldn't be where I am today.

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Lauren Cooley

Executive Director, Center for Christian Statesmanship

Taking the YLS as a college student gave me invaluable insight on how campaigns function and how I could make myself into an asset for candidates and causes I care about.

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Jesus Rodriguez

Attending the Youth Leadership School was enriching and empowering. It provided a robust foundation for me to develop my young career in conservative politics. I would highly recommend to any individual seeking to take the next step in their political career.