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William Doss

Deputy Director for Grassroots

William Doss


  Wm. Christopher Doss, Deputy Director - Grassroots Programs

Chris' political work has taken him across the nation and to nearly twenty countries where he's met and worked with heads of state and members of national and regional parliaments. He even took a prime minister home for Thanksgiving one year; another thanked him for not "losing his soul" while studying at the prime minister’s alma mater!

He's drafted free-market laws enacted in Virginia and other states, and he’s worked in over a 'gazillion' campaigns since starting in middle school, including local, state, and federal races. He first wrote scripts for radio spots and phone banks in 10th grade. His political interests began when he accompanied his parents to the polls at age four (his age at the time, not that of his parents), and he hasn't yet gotten it out of his system.

He’s been an adjunct lecturer and presenter at forty-one college campuses, as well as at think tanks and public affairs institutions – both in the U.S. and abroad. Chris served as the U.S. representative on the Executive Board of the International Young Democratic Union, the international organization for conservative and free market political parties.

As Executive Director, Chris managed start-up operations for a policy think-tank in Virginia, and, prior to that, he served in the administrations of three governors and worked for members of state legislatures and Congress.  He was the first Executive Director for a newly created state agency initiating internet-based services for citizens, the Virginia Information Providers Network Authority. He also served as Director of Policy in the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and Director of Planning and Evaluation in the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Including his work as a lobbyist for advocacy organizations and private businesses, Chris has managed issues as diverse as transportation, the environment, education, public sector economics, and property rights. He has been a national and international spokesperson – dealing with hostile reporters on national, regional, and international media outlets. (But ask why Larry King was nice to him!)

Chris did undergraduate studies (BA, Politics) at Wake Forest University and graduate studies (Magister grad nivå, MA equivalent, Communications) at the University of Oslo in Norway. He has also studied Public Policy at the Graduate School of George Mason University.

His Facebook page is 'Revolutionary Communications'.  His favorite "hobbies" are teaching grassroots activism, discussing free market economics and classical liberal (as opposed to modern socialist) politics, teaching history as a tour guide in Old Town Alexandria, and tutoring Norwegian or German. Han snakker heller norsk enn tysk.

The best thing a student or young professional can do, per Chris' advice, is to find a good mentor and to invest significant time, attention, and intellectual engagement in that mentor. He believes that anyone interested in politics ought to read Economics in One Lesson, Henry Hazlitt; The Law, Frederic Bastiat; The Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayek; Capitalism and Freedom, Milton Friedman; Animal Farm, George Orwell; Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa; and, of course, The Federalist Papers. (Check out the Leadership Institute's "Read to Lead" list for good measure.) 


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