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Leadership Webinar Series, Part Five of Six: Deep Work

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What you will learn

Since 1979, Leadership Institute has trained conservatives on how to advance your principles through the public policy process. LI is excited to continue that tradition with this career development training designed for leaders of all ages-- Leadership Webinar Series -- designed to help conservatives tap into their innate leadership skills and apply them in their daily lives.

This training is part of a six-part webinar series devoted to fostering strong leadership qualities. No matter your level of professional experience, these attributes will help you gain the respect and confidence of your peers, direct reports, and supervisors.

The Six Part Series Will Progress As Follows:
Week One: Leadership Styles
Week Two: Shepherd leadership
Week Three: Understanding your team and matchmaking
Week Four: Five dysfunctions of a team
Week Five: Deep work
Week Six: Leadership Interview with Guest Speaker

Week Five: Deep Work

Cody Huynh is currently the Director of Studios at the Leadership Institute. He has experience in team leadership and management through this role and extensive training in team management through his alma mater, Colorado Christian University. At Colorado, Christian Cody earned a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership. Cody has extensive practice in project management through his current role, were he manages a team of fellows and fulltime staff as they live stream, capture events by photo or video, and produce numerous marketing materials for LI.

Cody founded the LI Studio Fellowship Program. This program aims to give young conservatives the on-the-job training needed to work in graphic design, videography, and the photography industry.


Friday, April 14

Fri 14:   12:00 PM  - 1:00 PM EDT


Leadership Institute
Steven P.J. Wood Building
1101 N Highland St
Arlington VA, 22201




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