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Building and sustaining your Campus Organization

One Day (3 Hours), FREE (Meals included)

Building a solid, effective, and well-branded campus organization is no easy task. For pro-life students it can be even more difficult; jumping over the hurdles of hostile administrations, unhelpful Student Government Associations, and combative opposition activists, all takes a little bit of know how. Fortunately, jumping over these hurdles is a specialty of the Leadership Institute's Campus Leadership Program. Join our Regional Field Coordinator, Craig Holland Dixon, a veteran campus organizer, for a crash course on building up your campus organization.

In this school you will learn effective techniques for establishing and building your own campus organization. Topics covered include:

  • The real nature of politics on your campus
  • Recruitment and building your organization
  • Building influence on campus and in your community
  • Activism ideas and techniques
  • Fundraising and finances
  • Internal organization


Starts Tuesday, July 27

Tue 27:   8:00 AM  - 6:30 PM EDT
Wed 28:   8:00 AM  - 7:00 PM EDT
Thu 29:   8:00 AM  - 6:15 PM EDT
Fri 30:   8:00 AM  - 6:45 PM EDT
Sat 31:   8:00 AM  - 8:15 PM EDT
Sun 1:   8:00 AM  - 8:15 PM EDT
Mon 2:   8:00 AM  - 8:15 PM EDT
Tue 3:   8:00 AM  - 8:00 PM EDT
Wed 4:   8:00 AM  - 8:00 PM EDT
Thu 5:   8:00 AM  - 7:30 PM EDT
Fri 6:   8:00 AM  - 5:00 PM EDT


Leadership Institute
Steven P.J. Wood Building
1101 N Highland St

Arlington, VA 22201 Map




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