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Student Journalism Training

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About the event

No-Cost: Student Journalism Workshop

Journalism is a tough career to break into, but there are many great opportunities available to you if you know where to look and have the skills to stand-out.

The Leadership Institute's Student Journalism Workshop is a no-cost, comprehensive, and fun training where you'll not only learn how to launch your career but you'll also have chance to put your questions to accomplished journalists who have mentored hundreds of student journalists.

Over the course of one afternoon, you'll learn the following:

How to Prepare for an On-Camera Interview
  • Understand the formats of media interviews so you can prepare yourself effectively.
  • Come across as a credible interviewee; including how to dress, sound, and common mistakes you should avoid.
  • Practice, practice, practice, the art of perfecting your technique.
Launch Your Journalism Career as a Student
  • Know how to identify a good story on your campus, which will gain media attention and raise awareness.
  • Get yourself published and paid to write engaging stories.
  • How to land your first internship and job, whatever type of journalist you would like to be.
Strategic Media Interviews
  • Components of an effective message, what to say and what not to say on camera.
  • Compose your talking points and get them across.
  • Manage friendly and hostile interviewers like a pro.


Starts Wednesday, April 14

Wed 14:   2:00 PM  - 5:00 PM EDT


This training is online.




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Ben Woodward

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Your faculty

Nick Givas

Nick Givas

Managing Editor - Project Veritas Newsroom

Nick Givas is the Managing Editor for Project Veritas' Newsroom. Before working for Project Veritas he was a Reporter at Large for Fox News and a Reporter for The Daily Caller.