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Enhanced Communication Workshop

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What you will learn

Communications Workshop
$10.00 2 1/2 Hours
The Communications Workshop is designed to help you better connect with people. The workshop provides an in-depth look at how you can design and improve your organization's communications. You will learn how to develop a coherent and compelling message, enabling you to increase your visibility, supporters, and funds.
Ideal attendees for a Communications Workshop are organization spokespeople, campaign or party communications directors, press secretaries, candidates and elected officials, public policy organization staff, and conservatives who want to present their ideas persuasively.
The Communication Workshop will teach you proven methods to be a better communicator.
Attendees will learn how to:
• Connect with People
• Craft a Message
• Use the Right Words
• Use Values to Communicate


Starts Monday, July 30

Mon. 30 5:30 - 8:30 PM


11617 N Central Expressway Suite 240 Dallas, TX 75243 Map




Spencer Sullivan's Photo

Spencer Sullivan

Contact Spencer with your questions.

What graduates say

Rachel Hoff

Rachel Hoff

Director of Government Relations & Outreach, Foreign Policy Initiative

"LI training is conservative bootcamp! This training is absolutely necessary for any aspiring leader on the right."

Your faculty

Spencer Sullivan

Spencer Sullivan

Grassroots Program Coordinator, Leadership Institute

Spencer Sullivan is the Director for Grassroots Engagement for the Leadership Institute.

Spencer began his career on the hill working for a member of Congress. He transitioned to the campaign world and has managed victorious top-tier Federal races and targeted state races. On the campaign trail, Spencer has been involved in every aspect of managing a campaign. He has experience in fundraising, messaging, earned media, field operations, paid voter contact, polling, and GOTV operations.

Having been frequently outspent by incumbent campaigns during challenging races, Spencer has learned the importance of running a lean, effective campaign that makes every dollar stretch as far as possible. Spencer specializes in challenger campaigns and has ousted incumbents in back-to-back elections.

Spencer routinely appears on television as a pundit and discusses the news of the day. He also consults for trade associations, pharmaceutical companies, and works internationally in guiding conservative candidates through their elections.

Raised in the Northeast, Spencer is one of five brothers, he enjoys catching up with his family and rooting for his beloved Boston sport's teams. Spencer, his wife, and daughter Reagan live in Alexandria, VA.