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Activist Bootcamp

On Sunday July 22, 2012

What you will learn

Virginia Activist Bootcamp - Vienna, Virginia

1 Day, $25.00 (includes lunch, books, and materials)

Political success is determined by the number AND EFFECTIVENESS of the activists on either side.

This one-day workshop is designed to help you use your limited time more effectively in the political arena.

Each year, thousands of solid conservatives run for office and lose. Sometimes this is because of minor glitches in campaign organization -- or in the mobilization of volunteers -- or in voter goals and targeting -- or in message development -- or in any number of areas.

Each year, activists contribute hundreds of thousands of hours to political causes and activism with few results. Only by focusing your time and efforts where they will yield results can your valuable time make a real difference.

This workshop will help you with tools and techniques that can save your campaign or organization time, resources, and votes. Our instructors will share ideas about how to make a greater difference in your local elections and activism.. This training gives you the nuts and bolts needed to make your campaign and your volunteer time more effective. Attend this class and learn what it takes to make your limited time count for more.

Ideal attendees for this workshop are conservative individuals interested in making a difference: campaign managers, staff and volunteers; future or prospective candidates; citizen activists. Whether volunteering or working for a conservative candidate, cause, or issue at the local or state level this class will improve your skills.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Drive support for an issue or candidate
  • Organize activists in large or small groups for maximum impact
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Use the media to help advance an issue
  • Build personal leadership skills, abilities and confidence.

Sample Lectures Include:

  • The Real Nature of Politics
  • Grassroots Lobbying
  • Voter ID & Targeting
  • Building Coalitions


Starts Sunday, July 22

Sunday, July 22, 1:00 PM

Fairfax Christian School 1624 Hunter Mill Rd (newly changed venue) Vienna, VA 22182 Map



Chris Doss's Photo

Chris Doss

What graduates say

David Chang

David Chang

Hawaii GOP Chairman

"This workshop provides a strong framework for starting your campaign and tightening up your operations. The best candidates don't necessarily win, but the best campaign generally does. LI provided the structure I needed for a well-run campaign."

Ryan Rhodes

Ryan Rhodes

Founder, Iowa Tea Party

"I can't forget who gave me the tools. Keep up the great work at LI. We can't save our country without the Leadership Institute!"

Your faculty

Chris Doss

Chris Doss

Deputy Director for Grassroots at the The Leadership Institute

Chris' political work has taken him across the U.S. and to nearly twenty countries where he's met and worked with heads of state and members of parliament. He even took one prime minister home for Thanksgiving; another thanked him for not "losing his soul" while studying at the prime minister's left-leaning alma mater!

He drafted free-market laws enacted in Virginia and other states, and he's worked in over a 'gazillion' campaigns since starting in middle school, including local, state, and federal races. He first wrote scripts for radio spots and phone banks in 10th grade. His political interests began when he accompanied his parents to the polls at age four (his age at the time, not his parents'). He hasn't yet gotten it out of his system.

He's been an adjunct lecturer and presenter at fifty-six college campuses, as well as think tanks and public affairs institutions – in the U.S. and abroad. Chris served as the U.S. representative on the Executive Board of the International Young Democratic Union, the international organization for conservative and free market political parties.

As first Executive Director, Chris managed start-up operations for a policy think-tank. Earlier, he served three governors and worked in state legislatures and Congress. Including work as a lobbyist for advocacy organizations and private businesses, Chris has managed issues as diverse as transportation, the environment, education, economics, and property rights. He has been a national and international spokesperson – dealing with hostile reporters on a range of media outlets. (But ask why Larry King was nice to him!)

Chris did undergraduate studies (BA, Politics) at Wake Forest University and graduate studies (Magister grad nivå, MA equivalent, Communications) at the University of Oslo, Norway. He also studied Public Policy at the George Mason University Graduate School.

He continues to work on campaigns as a consultant with Revolutionary Communications. (Please ‘like' their FB page.) He also serves as president of the Middle Resolution, a Virginia PAC, and on the board of the Our America Initiative. His favorite "hobbies" are teaching effective activism, discussing free market economics and classical liberal (as opposed to modern socialist) politics, teaching history as a tour guide in Old Town Alexandria, and tutoring Norwegian or German. Han snakker heller norsk enn tysk.

The best thing a student or young professional can do, per Chris' advice, is to find a good mentor and to invest time, attention, and intellectual engagement in that mentor. He believes that anyone interested in politics ought to read Economics in One Lesson, Henry Hazlitt; The Law, Frederic Bastiat; The Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayek; Capitalism and Freedom, Milton Friedman; Animal Farm, George Orwell; Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa; Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky; and, of course, The Federalist Papers. (Check the Leadership Institute's "Read to Lead" list for good measure.)