Bryon Allen -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Bryon Allen is Partner and Chief Operating Officer of WPA Opinion Research, a national political, donor, and marketing research firm with offices in Washington, DC; Oklahoma City, OK; Austin, TX; and Los Angeles, CA.

Bryon oversees all of WPA’s research projects, providing methodological guidance and analytic insight to all of the company’s projects.  Bryon is an expert in a variety of modes of applied behavioral research.  With formal training in microeconomics and applied econometrics and extensive experience in political, donor, and marketing research, Bryon brings a unique blend of methodological sophistication and practical experience to WPA’s research.

Bryon also leads WPA’s internal research and development efforts and developed WPA’s innovative tools for political values analysis, message testing, and targeting as well as WPA’s powerful new approach to measuring and improving donor engagement with not-for-profit organizations.  Bryon’s current R&D efforts at WPA include developing new tools to understand and predict vote flows in multi-candidate elections and an approach to synthesizing voter file information, electoral results at the precinct level, and polling data for better voter targeting

Bryon Allen