Alex Lundry -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Alex Lundry is the Chief Data Scientist at TargetPoint Consulting where he works as a political pollster, microtargeter, data-miner and data-visualizer.  As a pollster, he conducts surveys and moderates focus groups on subjects spanning the race for the White House all the way to Hollywood movies.  He is one of the country’s leading experts on electoral targeting, voter analytics, and political data-mining and is responsible for the microtargeting programs of presidential candidates, national organizations, and Fortune 10 companies.  Alex is also a creator of political data visualizations and infographics, with his work featured by Wired Magazine, Fast Company, and the Washington Post.  He has served as an adjunct instructor of statistics in the Government Departments of both Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities, and in 2009, Campaigns and Elections Magazine named him a “Rising Star.”   In 2012 Alex took a leave of absence from TargetPoint to work as the Director of Data Science for Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign.

Alex Lundry