Jessie Markell -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Jessie Markell got his start in politics by joining and help start a Youth for Ron Paul chapter at the University of Florida in the Fall of 2011. After switching majors from economics to political science, he was looking to get more involved in campaigns and volunteered with the Ron Paul Presidential campaign in Iowa, South Carolina and Kansas. After the campaign, Jessie founded the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Florida where he would eventually become the State Chair.

Jessie was a top graduate from his YLS in the summer of 2012 where he was offered an internship with the Leadership Institute in the fall of 2012. Jessie went on to intern for Campaign for Liberty where he landed a job as a Youth Coordinator for the Ken Cuccinelli for Governor campaign through Morton Blackwell’s Youth Leadership PAC. Despite losing the election by about 2.5%, the Cuccinelli campaign won the 18-24 vote by over 6% thanks to techniques taught at the Youth Leadership School.

Currently, Jessie is working at CRC Public Relations, a PR firm that represents a number of conservative organizations.

Jessie Markell