Aaron Leibowitz -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Aaron Leibowitz brings a lifetime of campaign experience and a proven track record as a winner to Targeted Creative Communications, Inc. a Republican direct marketing company based in Alexandria, Virginia.

Aaron Leibowitz began his political work at age 6 in Texas volunteering for his father’s campaign for City Council. Since then, he has been involved in campaigns at all levels from local school board and mayors’ races to state senate and congressional to U.S. Senate and gubernatorial and ultimately presidential. Aaron’s professional experience in politics includes serving as Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia, an Account Executive for Karl Rove + Company, Senior Associate at Carlyle Gregory and Associates, and managing or working on congressional campaigns in the Midwest and South. His work has included serving as chief strategist for campaigns and initiatives as well as designing and implementing direct mail and grassroots programs, and hands-on campaign management.

Aaron was selected as a “Rising Star” by Campaigns & Elections Magazine in 2004 for his important role in so many targeted, critical races. He has been a guest lecturer at numerous political education programs and campaign schools sponsored by groups such as the Republican National Committee, The Leadership Institute and several Republican state parties. Aaron and his wife Maria have 3 daughters, ages 16, 11, and 7. They live in Virginia. Aaron is an active outdoorsman.

Aaron Leibowitz