Marco Antonio Nunez del Arco -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

He is the Executive Director of the Heroes Factory in Bolivia and its expansion in Latin America now. He is the youth pastor of the International Church of the Family in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Heroes Factory is the most important annual event for youth in the city of Santa Cruz. FDH is also considered one of the most Relevant Conferences across the continent. This conference is aimed at teenagers and young people who are between the ages of 11-19 years of age in order to develop leaders with principles and values ??in society with an emphasis on Life and Family Values. Because birth control and issues like abortion, which cause the great decrease in population density, adolescents and youth of this generation will be the last great generation. It is for this reason that Marco Antonio is cultivating them through the FDH , to have the ability to be successful young people with principles and values ??that create a change in society and in the country. Since its inception, Heroes Factory is a non-profit project which is funded by major companies and personalities from the city that make a commitment to ensure the next generation of Bolivian leaders hear a message of hope and excellence. He thinks that these youth are not the future of our society, they are the present.

Marco Antonio Nunez del Arco