Andrea McCarthy -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Andrea McCarthy is the Recruiter for Americans for Prosperity Foundation, an organization committed to educating citizens about economic policy and mobilizing those citizens as advocates in the public policy process. Andrea is responsible for coordinating every step of the acquisition process at AFPF including candidate selection, interviewing, and advising on job offers.

Before taking her current post, Andrea was the Director of Employment Placement Services at the Leadership Institute. She worked to connect talented conservatives with work in conservative public policy using new media tools and the Leadership Institute's broad conservative network.

Andrea also served as LI's Director of Recruitment. She was responsible for recruiting students for all LI trainings, developing marketing strategies for the Institute, and strengthening its position as a leader in political technology training.
Andrea joined LI as a Recruitment Coordinator in 2006. 
Originally from western New York, Andrea is an alumnus of Cedarville University, where she majored in History and Political Science. 
Andrea McCarthy