Jorge Santiago Barnes -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Jorge Barnes holds a PhD in Political Communications from the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca (UPSA) where he is the Vice Dean of Academic Planning. He is an expert in creating and analyzing political speeches and aware of the context where the national and international leaders move as well.

Jorge has been professor of Political Communication, Political Marketing and Society and Politics at the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca since 2003.  Currently he is the Director of the Master’s Program for Image and Political Consulting at UPSA, professor of Political Marketing  at Universidad de Granada and professor of Political Campaigns at Universidad de Comillas.  Because of his wide knowledge in political speech analysis, he has been invited to speak by a large number of universities around the world such as: George Washington University, The Graduate School of Political Management, School of Communication University of Miami and the Journalism School of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, where he has participated as a professor of Political Communications.

Amongst his books, the following books stand out: “Understanding Politicians: How do they think, how do they behave and how do they act” (Salamanca, Editorial Parthenon, 2008), “The candidate before the media: Telegenic and political image” (Madrid. Editorial Fragua. 2007), “The Image of the Politician. Theoretical and Practical Treatise” (Madrid. Belgeuse Grupo Editorial.  2007), “Is the Politician Born or Made: How does he create and sell his political image” (Salamanca, Editorial Amarú, 2006) and “Presidential Political Gestures” (Madrid, Editorial Fragua, 2006).

Thanks to his professionalism in the political sector and analyzing electoral speeches, he has been part of several groups of experts where he has shared academic experiences, professional results and the comprehension and understanding advances of the national and international leaders´ speeches.  Jorge also has managed several conferences, seminars and workshops in many countries. He is a member of different political communication organizations such as: FELAFACS, COPP, INCOPO, ASEIC, AESCOP and ACOP.

Jorge Santiago Barnes