Melody Himel Clarke -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Melody Himel Scalley is currently the Mid-Atlantic Regional with Heritage Action, one of the most effective conservative grassroots organizations nationwide. Heritage Action takes the conservative policy visions outlined by their sister organization, The Heritage Foundation, and makes them a reality on Capitol Hill by educating Congress and holding them accountable to conservative principles.

Ms. Scalley was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. She is a life-long entrepreneur having founded and operated businesses in the hospitality, realty, and communications industries. Among her endeavors she has founded and owned a boutique realty agency and settlement agency which closed over $67,000,000 in transactions.

Expanded government intrution into the markets had a direct impact on her business. The end result was her dedicating herself to educating others about politics. She was the first woman to run for the 100th Legislative District seat in Virginia. Melody has worked on numerous state and federal campaigns. She is known throughout Eastern Virginia for her involvelment promoting conservative values. Melody is an avid equestrian and also hosts a conservative talk-radio show.

Melody Himel Clarke