Zeljko Zidaric -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Zeljko (Zed) Zidaric is a Canadian-Croatian 'Conservative civic empowerer' working to develop a Conservative mindset and motivate young Conservatives in Croatia.  His goal is to find the best ideas and practices around the world and then localize them for the Croatian reality, giving young Croatian Conservatives a powerful toolset which will help them take responsibility for the development of their Homeland.

A lifelong Conservative, Zeljko is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada and an Air Force officer.  In 1993 he served with the UN Protection Force (UNPROFOR) working to keep the peace in Croatia.  After leaving the military he earned his MBA with a focus on marketing and strategy.  During ten years of working in product and services development, and later product management he learned how to analyze and understand the needs and wants of the people.  These skills he realized were similar to the fundamentals of democracy and political activism.  After realizing that success in business was meaningless, he focussed his skills and visions towards helping people help themselves.
In Croatia, the Conservative brand does not exist.  Zeljko is working to develop the Civic Innovation Incubator in Croatia.  The goal of the incubator is to forge a Croatian Conservatism based on the traditional values of the people.  In Canada he has worked in a number of federal election campaigns, most recently as a campaign manager helping the Conservative challenger unseat a Liberal incumbent.  He has worked on a presidential election campaign in Croatia, as well as on the "No to EU" campaign in Croatia.  In September 2012 Zeljko organized a seminar, where Miguel Moreno of the Leadership Institute was the main speaker, for young Conservatives in Croatia in Zagreb.  Zeljko uses social media to promote Conservative values and to help young people that hold those ideas gain the self-confidence to become evangelists for those traditional values.
Zeljko looks forward to meeting and sharing ideas with others interested in advancing the Conservative cause in Eastern Europe.  After decades of suffering under the tyranny of a social engineering experiment, which ironically tried to develop a Utopia on Earth, the people of Eastern Europe need to understand, return to, and demand leadership based on their traditional Conservative principles.
Zeljko Zidaric