Jim Pfaff -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Jim Pfaff is President and CEO of Colorado Family Institute. He has been involved in conservative politics since 1984. In that year, Jim was part of a group of college students who worked with Ralph Reed to start Students for America, a political Christian oriented campus organization.  During his time he spent then Washington D.C. he participated in and was trained through the Leadership Institute and served on a short internship there as well.

In 1994, Jim served as Administrative Director for Opportunity Project of Indiana. OPI was a group which supported economically conservative state legislative candidates. OPI gave about $90,000 to 13 candidates in 1994. 

Jim served as Campaign Consultant on many of these campaigns and was successful in helping elect eight (8) candidates in districts not targeted by the party organizations. After 1994, Jim served as Campaign Manager for George Witwer ran for Governor in the 1996 election Jim went into private business and political consulting thereafter.

In 2005, Jim ran the grassroots effort in Kansas in support of their Marriage Amendment.  The marriage amendment passed with 70% of the vote and overall turnout was doubled to 36.6%.  Jim was thereafter worked at Focus on the Family Action as a National Representative for Family Policy Councils.

During that time he headed up the successful 2006 effort to pass the Colorado marriage amendment and defeat the only domestic partnerships referendum which has been put on any state ballot though the effort was outspent nearly six to one.

Jim Pfaff