Alex Skatell -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Alex Skatell is a Co-Founder at IMGE. He served as Digital Director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). During his time at the NRSC, online fundraising increased by over 634% and the NRSC ended the election cycle with the largest social media presence of any political committee growing over 4,456% during the cycle.

Previously, Alex Skatell served as Director of New Media & Technology for the Republican Governors Association (RGA). He led the team that built the largest social media following of any Republican or Democratic political committee, amassing over 500,000 Facebook fans and creating the most widely viewed political social media campaign of 2010, “Remember November.”

The campaign received over 5 million unique video loads and over 75 million organic Facebook impressions. In the target Gubernatorial races, the RGA launched the most aggressive online campaign of any political committee. RGA ad campaigns were viewed collectively over 1 billion times. Additionally, New Media training events were organized for 37 Gubernatorial campaigns, which resulted in an unprecedented digital adoption for the GOP.

Alex Skatell