Zack Condry -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Zack Condry is adept at distilling online conversation into actionable intelligence and engaging online audiences through organic and paid mediums. Zack’s team provides online monitoring, digital crisis simulation and rapid response to crises for clients throughout the Edelman network.

Prior to joining Edelman, Zack was a principal at The Prosper Group, a digital strategy firm specializing in the political landscape.  While there, he focused on audience engagement and reputation management for many high profile government executives. Other former clients included non-profit organizations with marketing budgets over twenty million dollars, advocacy groups with daily national impact and fast-paced campaigns set in the highly competitive U.S. electoral landscape. His commentary and insight have been featured in the Washington Post, Washington Times, National Journal, The Examiner, The Hill and Roll Call.

With more than a decade of experience working with high-stakes political organizations, Zack has the tools and expertise to provide sound crisis response and reputation management solutions in the digital space to his clients. In 2013, Zack received two awards by Campaigns and Elections Magazine, the "Rising Star" and a "Top 50 Influencer in American Politics". The Rising Star award is given to a select group of operatives age 35 and under who have an established track record of achievement in political consulting or advocacy. As a Top 50 Influencer in American Politics, Zack received a particular subset designation of a “Disruptor” – described as “the messengers and foot soldiers in the technology space who are working to change the political landscape inside the Beltway and around the country.”

Previously, Zack worked directly with political campaigns and candidates on message development, executing strategy and managing operations in nine different states.

In 2010, Zack had the privilege of combining his loves of politics and food when he was asked to advise Jamie Oliver’s nutrition campaign based on his ABC television program Food Revolution. During his time with the Food Revolution, Zack devised a political and grassroots strategy to change the way America thinks about child nutrition and school lunches.

Zack holds a BA from the University of Tennessee, where he has also been a guest lecturer.

Zack Condry