Leya Ladzinski -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Leya works as the Youth Leadership Coordinator for Leadership Institute. In this role, she travels the country training young people in the specifics on how to run a youth campaign.  

Leya started her political journey in college as she was the vice chair of Young Conservatives of Texas. During her time as vice chair, she led many activism events including a memorial dedicated to lives lost from abortion, and another memorial dedicated to lives lost from socialism.  

In 2021, Leya served as a Youth Coordinator for Glenn Youngkin for Governor. During her time, there she worked with college students across southwest Virginia, and led a team that made over 50,000 phone calls and knocked over 15,000 doors.  

Leya is originally from Texas and is currently pursuing her degree in political science at Sam Houston State University. 

Leya Ladzinski