Larry Ward -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Larry Ward brings over a decade and a half of marketing and advertising experience to Political Media, Inc. as its President and CEO.

In 2006, Larry used cutting edge political animations to help pass nine eminent domain initiatives across the country. They were also successful in a number of local, congressional and statewide primary elections.

During the 2004 campaign cycle, Larry harnessed advanced technologies to create a database of over 130 million opt in email addresses.

He also worked on President Bush’s 2004 campaign with several influential PAC’s, the US Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, he consulted on five victorious Senate campaigns and fourteen top tier congressional races.

Larry burst onto the political scene in 2002 under the tutelage of world-renowned political consultant, and Fox News commentator Dick Morris. Using Dick’s political savvy and Larry’s online marketing expertise; the two were able to influence several key congressional and gubernatorial races across the country.

Currently, he sits on the Board of Directors of three internet and direct marketing companies,the Social Security Institute, and a regular contributer to several political and new media publications.

Larry is a New York City native and attended Dowling College where he studied business and advertising.

Larry Ward