Blaise Hazelwood -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Blaise Hazelwood has led and managed political operations, high-profile grassroots programs and political campaigns. She founded Grassroots Targeting in 2005.

Blaise is recognized for leading the development and implementation of the 72 Hour Program, which is credited with revolutionizing Get Out The Vote efforts. Hazelwood was the RNC Victory Director for Coalition Building during the successful 2000 Bush/Cheney presidential campaign. She then served as RNC Political Director in 2002 and 2004, spearheading their successful online Team Leader program and the construction of Voter Vault, the RNC’s voter file database. Blaise has served as the Political and Media Director at the NRSC, as well as managed and consulted for PACs, 527s, and candidates from the state to the national level.
Blaise Hazelwood