Jeremy Rose -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Jeremy Rose has worked on staff for many campaigns, including the statewide campaigns of Jack Ryan for U.S. Senate, Steve Rauschenberger for Illinois Governor, and Ron Gidwitz for Illinois Governor. In addition, Jeremy has worked for the United Republican Fund and held the position of Executive Director for the Illinois College Republican Federation and the Cook County Republican Party. In 2012 he took on the job of Operations Director at the Republican National Convention in Tampa prior to joining the Romney Ryan campaign.

As President of the Chicago Young Republicans, Jeremy successfully grew the organization from ten to over one thousand paid members, earning the chapter a number of national awards and plaudits as the most successful chapter in the country.

Jeremy was born and lived in the western suburb of Carol Stream until 2003. It was there, at high school, where his political talent because to emerge as he somehow maneuvering his way into being allowed to park in the Principal’s parking spot. He is still active with his high school through the Junior Statesman Foundation and is a member of the Illinois Civic Mission Coalition.

After moving to Chicago in 2003, Jeremy attended school at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He’s become the greatest promoter of the city, and is on a one-man crusade against the suburbs. He’s an avid runner and budding country music fan. Always the social planner, he plans a blowout party every year for Air Show weekend. When he needs to get away, he’ll either be in Wisconsin on the lake or he’ll be home watching old episodes of the West Wing or reading books by Ayn Rand, Brad Thor, or George R.R. Martin.

Currently, Jeremy is a partner at Cor Strategies, an Illinois based political solutions firm.


Jeremy Rose