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Brendan Steinhauser is the Director of Federal and State Campaigns for FreedomWorks. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from The University of Texas, where he led the UT chapter of The Young Conservatives of Texas. Brendan received university honors and was inducted into the National Society for Collegiate Scholars and the Golden Key International Honour Society.

Brendan was the lead organizer of the September 12, 2009 Taxpayer March on Washington, which was the largest protest by limited government activists in U.S. history. He is a leader in the "tea party movement" which began in February of 2009, and saw millions of conservatives take to the streets to protest bailouts, the failed stimulus progams and government spending.

Brendan has been quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Washington Times, Politico, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Palm Beach Post, The St. Paul Pioneer Press, The Austin American-Statesman, The Times of London, Agence France-Presse, Le Figaro,,, CBS News, World Net Daily, Al Jazeera and Newsmax Magazine.

Brendan has appeared on MSNBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Irish TV and dozens of other local TV and radio stations around the country. He has appeared on The Sean Hannity Show, The G. Gordon Liddy Show and many other talk radio shows, and has been mentioned on The Rush Limbaugh Show.

While at UT, Brendan studied International Relations and American and European History. He was a staff writer for two Collegiate Network journals: The Austin Review and Contumacy. He founded Students for American Values and co-founded Students for a Colorblind America at UT, and was subsequently awarded the Free Republic Collegiate Eagle Award. Brendan worked as a reporter for and spent one summer as an intern at the Texas House of Representatives.

Upon graduation Brendan published his book The Conservative Revolution: How to Win the Battle for College Campuses. The book is a guide for student leaders who want to organize conservative clubs on their own campuses. The book’s ideas for recruitment, events and public relations have impacted hundreds of college campuses across the country.

Brendan is an alumnus of both the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and the Leadership Institute. He was a co-founder of the ISI Alumni Network in Washington, D.C. and is a guest lecturer at the LI Youth Leadership School. Brendan continues to advise student groups throughout the country, including chapters of The Young Conservatives of Texas.

Brendan’s articles on various topics have appeared in Human Events,, Enter Stage Right, Front Page Magazine, The Daily Texan, The San Antonio Review, Intellectual Conservative,,, The Houston Review, and Exotic Wildlife Magazine.

His personal website is

Brendan lives in Alexandria, Virginia but says his heart remains in Texas.

Caroline Freeman