Morgun Sholty -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Morgun Sholty is a young man from the horse capital of the world, Kentucky. He is a proud American who has an affinity for liberty and independence.

Competently, Morgun is a YLS Coordinator for the Youth Leadership School (YLS). YLS is the flagship school at the Leadership Institute passing the torch of youth activism to our posterity.

In youth politics, Morgun was an affiliate of Students for Rand. He went to Iowa during the 2016 Presidential Election to caucus for Senator Paul earning himself an excursion to the Presidential Debate in South Carolina.

He also served Danny Tarkanian as a Youth Director in 2016 conscripting 81 student activists for Mr. Tarkanian. Morgun’s efforts were so esteemed he was promoted to Field Director of Mr. Tarkanians Campaign.

After working on Danny’s campaign he exercised entrepreneurship in his home state by opening a local property preservation business. However, he terminated his local endeavours to follow his passion of furnishing our posterity with the necessary tools to make a difference in today’s ever-growing world of politics.  


Morgun Sholty