Chris Godbey -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Born in South Carolina, Chris Godbey has worked on all levels of campaigns in both nationally and internationally, with campaigns and with independent expenditure groups.

From 2016-2017, Chris worked with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy as the Regional Officer in the Caribbean for the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom, rebuilding of the Caribbean Democrat Union, a regional affiliate of the International Democrat Union. Focused on developing accountability, transparency, and good governance practices through training of political leaders and relationships built through senior party members and elected officials.

Recently, Godbey ran a digital consulting firm out of Washington, DC, surgeRED, developing tactical advantages for political and corporate campaigns, especially using Social Media Optimization, database management, and VoIP technology to provide cost-efficient contact with voters.

He has previously served as the Senior Grassroots Coordinator and has volunteered as adjunct faculty for the Leadership Institute since 2012. Chris Godbey graduated from Clemson University with degrees in Political Science and Economics and completed American University’s Campaign Manager Grad program. Chris resides in Springfield, Virginia.


Chris Godbey