Luke Kenworthy -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Luke Kenworthy is a Youth Leadership Faculty member and a former Intern for the Employment Placement Services Department at the Leadership Institute in the spring of 2009.

He is currently the CEO/Owner of OnCapHill, LLC, providing exclusive online services for congress. Previously, he was the Grassroots Manager for the Stutzman for Congress 2010 campaign in Indiana’s 3rd district.  In this position he organized a mass door-to-door campaign and utilized activists in the Tea Party movement resulting in near record voting percentage in the 3rd district.  He then became the Legislative Assistant for Representative Marlin Stutzman (IN-03).

Luke started in politics in 2008 as the call screener for the Conservative Radio Host Peter Heck, intern for Representative Dan Burton (IN-05), and Howard County Coordinator for the Luke Puckett for Congress campaign.  In 2009, he directed the political department of a start-up website company and then went on to help found FairTax Indiana, where he organized nearly 10,000 FairTax supporters and gained pledges to support the FairTax by a candidate in every Indiana district.

Coming from Greentown, Indiana, Luke went to Trine University, Indiana University Kokomo (IUK), and Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne (IPFW).  At IUK and IPFW, Luke was President of both Young American for Liberty chapters and helped organize students to campaign in Kentucky for Senator Rand Paul.

Luke Kenworthy