Gilberto Ribeiro dos Santos -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

CPA and lawyer focused on family matters. Expert in mediation and conciliation. As a CPA and prior to becoming a lawyer, he worked for over ten years as an internal auditing manager focusses on compliance.

He is a member, founder and former President of the Brazilian Institute of Christian Lawyers; Board Member of the Brazilian Institute of Leadership, Human Rights Committee; member of Rede Nacional de Assistência Social – RENAS; Member of Love Truth (Ame a Verdade - fights corruption); Board member of the State Counselling fighting child abuse and exploitation; Member of Allience Defending Freedom – ADF and Advocates International, former Financial Director of Fundação Cerqueira Leite, former board member of Red Latino Americana de Abogados Cristianos and Advocates International.

He holds a post-graduation degree in Counselling and Family legal matters.

Gilberto Ribeiro dos Santos