James Crumley -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Jim Crumley is the President and Chief Creative Officer of Trio Strategies, LLC, a customer relationship marketing agency specializing is designing online and offline fundraising, fulfillment and grassroots lobbying campaigns for right-of-center organizations.   Trio’s clients include Americans for Limited Government, The Seniors Coalition, U.S. Term Limits and the U.S. Justice Foundation. Most recently Trio designed email fundraising efforts for Herman Cain’s presidential campaign. 

Prior to founding Trio, Jim served as Vice President for Creative and Account Services for Response Development Corporation, a national direct marketing and interactive agency. At RDC he oversaw a team of art directors, copywriters, account personnel and data specialists to craft campaigns for national consumer and nonprofit brands including L.A. Weightloss Centers, Domino's Pizza, Hair Cuttery, National Parkinson Foundation and the National Heart Foundation. In addition, Jim has worked on over 200 different political campaigns at the local, state and federal levels. 

Jim may be found on the internet at www.TrioStrategies.com or on Twitter @JimCrumley.

James Crumley