MACIEJ MALESZYK -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Maciej Maleszyk was born in 1987, in Biala Podlaska, Poland.
After getting his MA in International Relations at the Univerty of Warsaw in the year 2013, he joined Fr. Peter Skarga Institute, the biggest pro-family and pro-life organization in Poland, with over 250.000 supporters and a staff of 58 persons.
In the Fr. Skarga Institute he started organizing meeting for donors and supporters and responding correspondence.
He was coordinator, always at the Fr. Peter Skarga Institute, of the campaing „I’m Not Ashamed of Jesus” key-ring campaign, which got involved over 1 million people, specially young people.
Today he is responsible for and coordinator of the Youth Crusade, a branch of Fr. Peter Skarga Institute that organize students campaigns on conservative issues in Colleges and Universities all over Poland. He is editor in chief of the publication “Crusader”, the Youth Crusade magazine, with a circulation of 1.5000 copies.