Emily Zanotti -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Based in Chicago, Emily Zanotti is a strategic partner and Account Executive with Hynes Communications.  Emily is a nationally recognized writer and social media consultant who has served as new media director for a number of campaigns and non-profits.

As the Director of Web Strategy for the Sam Adams Alliance, Emily pioneered a national blogger outreach strategy that helped to organize and network state-level activists into a national grassroots force and produced a number of viral issue-based campaigns.  As an independent consultant, Emily helps organizations structure social media strategies, develop successful online brands, and tailor liberty-minded messages to a youth market.

Emily has covered state-level politics as a blogger for nearly a decade, first in Michigan and now in Illinois. She appears frequently as a guest on WGN Radio and has seen her work appear in the Chicago Tribune, National Review, iVillage and BlogHer, where she also serves as a Contributing Editor.  Currently, her work is being compiled for publication in a forthcoming book.

Emily is also a Second City-trained comedy writer and stand-up comedian who performs frequently in Chicago and across the Midwest.

Emily Zanotti