Jose Ureta -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Born is Santiago, Chile, in 1951. He is a founding member of the Fundación Roma, incorporated in 2000, today among the most influential pro life and pro family Chilean organization, where he is assistant of strategic and planning for the project Acción Familia. He also serves as a senior researcher for the Société Française pour la Défense de la Tradition, Famille et Propriété.

Mr. Ureta has been director of TFP Bureau for Southern Africa (Johannesburg) and coordinator of programs for Young South Africans for a Christian Civilisation in Johannesburg and Cape Town (1988-1991); assistant director of the youth program for Young Canadians for a Christian Civilisation (1984-1987), assistant director of the youth program for Sociedade Brasileira de Defesa da Tradição Família e Propriedade (1981-1984) and Press secretary for Sociedad Chilena de Defensa de la Tradición Familia y Propiedad (Santiago) (1974-1980).


Jose Ureta