John Tate -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute


John has spent the last 28 years working in the political, lobbying and non-profit world in the areas of high dollar fundraising, direct mail, political strategy, grassroots activism , state and federal legislation and non-profit management.

He currently serves as the President of Campaign for Liberty, a 501c4 grassroots lobbying organization dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets and a constitutional foreign policy. John has served in this capacity since its founding in 2008.

Since its founding, Campaign for Liberty has grown to over 500,000 active members nationwide and has led the effort for passage of Congressman Ron Paul’s bill to require a full audit of the Federal Reserve.

John is also the founder and President of JFT Consulting, Inc. a consulting firm that specializes in political strategy, fundraising, general political consulting and grassroots lobbying. 

John also served as the Campaign Manager for The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee and as National Political Director for the 2008 Ron Paul Presidential Campaign. And currently serves on the Boards of a number of non-profit organizations including Young Americans for Liberty, Campaign for Liberty Foundation and a number of PACs.

Prior to joining Campaign for Liberty, John served as the Vice President, Membership for the Leadership Institute.  In this role he headed up a department of LI staff that contacted and visited supporters nationwide to show them and raise funds for special targeted LI programs. In his 4 years at LI this program raised nearly $4 million. He also taught at many of LIs schools.

Before joining LI, John spent 14 years with the National Right to Work Committee, serving as Vice President from 1998 to 2004.  As Vice President he oversaw all state and federal lobbying efforts, public relations, the affiliated state and federal PACs for Right to Work and a direct mail and telemarketing fundraising operation that raised more than $23 million to combat Big Labor’s coercive power over workers.

 In 1996, John was the GOP nominee for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd district.

 Prior to his work at National Right to Work, John was Executive Director of Right to Work organizations in California and Delaware, and served as a legislative aide on Capitol Hill.

John is a long-time political activist in Virginia and National politics.  He was Chairman of the Rules committee at the 1994 Virginia Republican State Convention and has worked on numerous local, state and national campaigns around the country.

John is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a B.A. in History.

John Tate