Kimberly Brown -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Kimberly Brown helped mission driven talent connect to free market nonprofit career opportunities. She has worked within the recruitment field for the past seven years and thrived with helping others realize their place within a new role and engage in new career paths. Kim currently support the Center for Shared Services and our partners within the free market nonprofit organization world. She helps her clients identify what needs are best for them and their stakeholders while supporting free market needs. She is passionate about recruiting and the talented people that Kim get to meet on a daily basis that remind her that everyone has something special and unique to add to various lines of specialty. The roles that we typically support include: Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Policy, Membership, Media, Political Analysts, Graphic Design, Training and Facilitating, Trade Policy, Internships, Legal, Junior and Director roles that support free market. We are always looking for high-quality mission driven talent to help their clients advance free market principles.

Kimberly Brown