Matthew Elliott -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Matthew Elliott is one of the foremost political campaigners working in Westminster, having led the hugely successful 'No' campaign against the Alternative Vote in the 2011 referendum, and founded groups as diverse as the TaxPayers' Alliance, civil liberties campaign Big Brother Watch and, most recently, Business for Britain - the largest business group in the UK campaigning for a better deal from the European Union. Described variously as a "campaigning genius" (by Evening Standard columnist Matthew D'Ancona), a "redoubtable campaigner and propagandist" (by former Labour MP Dennis MacShane) and a "cross between Norman Tebbitt and David Niven" (by Blairite Daily Telegraph blogger Dan Hodges), Matthew is also sought after as an electoral strategist and has worked with political parties in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Ghana, Maldives, Serbia and Ukraine. Matthew's current focus is his new campaign Business for Britain, which launched in April 2013 and now has the support of over 750 business leaders from across the country to campaign for a better deal for Britain in the EU.

Matthew Elliott