Rick Gorka -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Rick Gorka has over ten years of media, management, Congressional, fundraising and political experience. Over that time, Rick has successfully developed and implemented communication strategies in high-pressure situations and brings with him extensive relationships with national media and political leaders.

Rick has served in senior positions on Presidential and Gubernatorial campaigns, as well as other public interest and political organizations.  In 2012, he served as Governor Mitt Romney’s traveling press secretary and was responsible for executing the campaign’s media strategy on the road, while advising Governor Romney and cultivating relations with the national press corps.

Throughout his career Rick has crafted communication plans that successfully echoed organizations' messages across multiple platforms while incorporating like-minded third party supporters. Rick has conducted extensive media training, drafted both internal and external strategic memorandums and direct mail fundraising letters, placed op-eds and letters to the editor and managed an aggressive online fundraising campaign while expanding a social media presence.

Rick is originally from Spokane, Washington and now resides in Bordentown, New Jersey with his fiancé.

Rick Gorka