Jessica Koehler -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute


Jessica Koehler is currently the Youth Leadership School Intern at the Leadership Institute, where she recruits students and organizes Youth Leadership Schools from Arlington to Los Angeles.

During high school, Jessica was active in speech and debate competitions for several years, and has had experience teaching and leading classes with TeenPact Leadership Schools. She also was involved with her local Generation Joshua club as the treasurer and secretary.

In January, Jessica spent a month teaching children’s programs as she traveled throughout Taiwan. She was also honored to receive the Leadership Institute’s Conservative Leader-In-Training Award this summer.

Graduating in just two years, Jessica earned her BA in Communication from Thomas Edison State College through an accelerated program in Indiana. Originally from Ohio, she has had the opportunity to be involved with several political campaigns, including her father’s run for County Commissioner in 2012. She is looking forward to managing his campaign for Ohio State Representative this coming year.

Jessica Koehler