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Career Seminar: Completed Staff Work

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Completed Staff Work: A Habit of Excellence

Virtues are formed in man by his doing the actions - Aristotle

"Completed Staff Work" — providing a recommendation to the manager — where nothing needs to be added.  It is a finished product where the leader needs only to make a decision.


Individual contributors who assist the principals in an organization and who are looking to increase their value.  Promotion into leadership is learned through follower-ship demonstrated in Completed Staff Work.


The seminars will cover the art and science and practice of providing advice to the decision maker.  The staffer will learn the steps in Completed Staff Work: the presentation of a path to solve a problem.  At the conclusion the attendee will learn how to provide well thought-out support to the leader to accomplish organizational goals.


Leaders today have an overload of information and options.  Good staff can act as a filter to separate the valuable ‘signal’ from the distracting ‘noise.’  Managers need mature researchers to gather, analyze and consider options then to make a signature-ready recommendation.  Leaders do not have time to do these tasks.  This takes training.

However, quality instruction for staff is beyond the budgets of most not-for-profits.  We are hosting this seminar to help sister organizations become more effective in the execution of their respective goals.


Managers will learn to lead their followers — and followers will learn to lead their managers.

You may also be interested in a copy of The Laws of Public Policy by Morton Blackwell.


Starts Wednesday, April 5
Wed. 5 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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