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Data Visualization Workshop

On Saturday November 7, 2015

What you will learn

Data Visualization Workshop
$40.00 1 Day (meals included)
(Registration is included free as a part of the Comprehensive Online Activist School)
All sorts of facts can be quantified, but numbers alone don't tell a story. To enable people to understand the stories numbers tell, visuals are essential. The Leadership Institute's Data Visualization Workshop will teach individuals with a design or technical background how to collect and display data in a compelling visual format.

Information visualization expert Matthias Shapiro will lead the training.

You will:

  • Discover where / how to gather data and format that data
  • Understand several visualization styles and where to appropriately implement those styles
  • Learn to apply the algorithms necessary for programmatic data visualization
  • Create static visualizations formatted for impact and reach

Because the training includes hands-on labs in which you will build a complex visualization, a laptop is required. You should have Microsoft Excel and some image editing software installed. For image editing, Photoshop is preferred, but free programs such as Paint.NET for PC and Gimp for Mac are sufficient.

Ideal candidates should have either a graphic design background, a technical background in programming or web-based development, or PR or communication background with interest in data-driven narrative.

The format will include some mathematical concepts, but automated algorithmic resources will be provided.


Starts Saturday, November 7

Sat. 7 9:00 - 6:00 PM

Leadership Institute
Steven P.J. Wood Building
1101 N Highland St
Arlington, VA 22201 Map



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Jared Reni

Contact Jared with your questions.

Your faculty

Lauren Luxenburg

Lauren Luxenburg

Account Executive, Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research

Lauren Luxenburg is the account executive in WPA's Austin office, conducting daily public opinion data for clients in 17 states and is an expert in data analysis.

In the 2014 election cycle, Lauren polled for 17 win...

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Matthias Shapiro

Matthias Shapiro

Software and Data Engineer, MLB Advanced Media

Following a blockbuster set of YouTube videos explaining the scope of the financial crisis, the resulting job losses and government deficits and debt using only pennies, Mr. Shapiro (who tweets under the handle @politicalm...

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