Learn how to run a winning campaign in Texas

 The Leadership Institute (LI) is bringing valuable campaign training to you as part of the Campaign School Tour of 35 locations throughout Texas.  

At each one-day workshop, the Leadership Institute's expert staff and experienced volunteer faculty will teach you how to run a winning campaign from start to finish with eight in-depth training modules.

 Hundreds of thousands of conservative elected officials, campaign staff, and community leaders like you have learned how to win from the Leadership Institute.

LI works with dozens of organizations each year to offer training programs. 

 Today there are more than 210,000 Leadership Institute graduates, including Texans you will recognize like Congressman Dan Crenshaw.


At each Campaign School, you will learn how to:

  • - Write a campaign plan that will guide you from your announcement to Election Day;
  • - Raise money for your campaign, including through personal solicitation;
  • - Make your campaign communications persuade voters; and
  • - Calculate vote goals and run an effective volunteer operation.
 Information for potential candidates to local and state offices from the Texas Ethics Commission:
"After you make the decision to run for office, you must file a Campaign Treasurer Appointment. (Judicial candidates need to use Form JCTA). This is required before you file an application for a place on the ballot, raise or spend any money for your campaign, or announce your candidacy publicly or privately. Please be aware that becoming a candidate will trigger filing requirements. You can familiarize yourself with these requirements by consulting the appropriate campaign finance guide and filing schedule."
Source: https://www.ethics.state.tx.us/whatsnew/FAQ_COH_Legal.htm#Q1, viewed 5/13/19