Cubicle Conservatism
Cubicle Conservatism

We all know that person. You know what I mean, that person who chews loudly, talks incessantly, or – my personal bad habit – leaves sticky notes everywhere. These attributes can quickly lead to tension within an office.

But tension really begins when political views come into play. How do we know when to defend our values and when to respect a professional environment?

As a current intern at the Leadership Institute, I have the privilege to work alongside like-minded, passionate individuals. However, past work experience taught me three important lessons about respectful political conversation with the people I see at the same cubicle every day.      


Check here for updates on the Leadership Institute’s office hours and trainings.

 Updates on the Leadership Institute’s office hours and trainings.

  • The Comprehensive Fundraising Training is still scheduled to begin Tuesday, March 14.
  • Digital Creative Workshop: Design - Cancelled
  • All Online Training will start on time.
Six Reasons You Should Work for a Non-Profit

To conservatives, the non-profit sector is an increasingly attractive career path -- and it’s not surprising!

It is an exciting time to be involved, the job opportunities are vast, and conservatism is making an increasing impact in America.

I offer you, therefore, 6 reasons why you should work in the non-profit sector.

1.  Jobs which produce tangible results are the most satisfying.

My co-workers and I see tangible results of our work every day.  The individuals who come to the Leadership Institute for training in professional skills get jobs.  People who come to LI for campaign training get elected.  People who LI trained in television techniques represent our movement on national television.  Working for a non-profit means you get to...

Ready, Aim, Fire: LI Graduate Speaks Out at CPAC 2017
Ready, Aim, Fire: LI Graduate Speaks Out at CPAC 2017

You may recognize Antonia Okafor from her many guest appearances on the Blaze, NRA TV, and Fox News.  She is also a Campus News Correspondent for Independent Journal Review where she works to expose liberal bias and abuse on Texas college campuses.

Her official website has the following blazed across the top: Black, Armed, and Conservative.  Antonia knows she doesn’t fit the “normal” stereotype of a conservative gun activist but she’s getting her message across to the media regardless.

“There’s definitely a lot of shock factor as I’m not the ‘typical conservative’.  It’s opened a lot of doors with being able to have people listen.  Whether it’s plain curiosity or genuine interest, I think being someone who is contrary to the typical conservative helps people want to listen.”

Antonia is currently a student at the University of Texas at Dallas but aims to bring new female perspective to gun rights and regularly advocates for campus carry policies.  Her own passion for campus carry often brings her into the cross-hairs of...

CPAC – A Family of Conservatives and a Chance to Learn

The movement is growing, and CPAC is a great opportunity to put your foot on the door. Morton Blackwell, says in his Laws of the Public Policy: “Never miss a political meeting if you think there’s the slightest chance you’ll wish you’d been there.”

In this blog, I want to talk to you about the opportunities at CPAC, because CPAC is about so much more than big speeches, and selfies with members of Congress. 

CPAC is a chance to learn new skills! 

Campus Reform Reporter Discusses Berkeley Riots on Fox
Campus Reform Reporter Discusses Berkeley Riots on Fox

Rioters on UC Berkeley's campus shut down a student club's speaker event, setting fires and causing damage.

"This is not an isolated incident," said Cabot Phillips, a Leadership Institute reporter for Campus Reform, discussing the Berkeley Riots on Fox Business.  Watch as Cabot discusses the dangerous tactics leftist protestors are using to silence speech they disagree with.

Activism Success: Students Grow Club and Fight Unconstitutional Policies on Campus
Activism Success: Students Grow Club and Fight Unconstitutional Policies on Campus

Student groups can struggle with a balance between recruitment and activism. The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at University of Minnesota - Twin Cities tackled both when they hosted a successful free speech ball event.

They interacted with nearly 200 people and informed them about the free speech rights students have and about unconstitutional...

Delving into the Mind of the Interviewer: What Are They Asking You?

Has an interviewer ever asked you a question that completely threw you off your game? 

Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us.  No matter how well we prepare -- we cannot anticipate every question. 

And to make it harder… weird interview questions are becoming fashionable! 

I’ve heard that Google and Facebook like to ask what kind of superpowers you’d like, others may ask your favorite color, or what kind of tree would you be?

As if interviews weren’t hard enough!

As part of my role at the Leadership Institute, I help conservatives prepare for interviews.  In the context of this, I ask standard competency and some strange interview questions with two goals: determining how they answer and whether they can decipher why I have asked the question.

One of my favorites is: “If I gave you a million dollars, how would you spend it?” 

If I had a million dollars, between you and me, I’d hire Gordon Ramsay to come to my house and give me private cooking lessons! 

Joking aside, I want to use this blog to help you read the interviewer’s mind.  By this I don’t mean telepathy -- I mean delving into the motive behind the questions to understand what the interviewer is truly asking you. 

Activism Success: LI Trained Students Organize Petition Drive to Fight Back on Campus
Activism Success: LI Trained Students Organize Petition Drive to Fight Back on Campus

When you’re faced with unconstitutional policy on your campus, it can be overwhelming to find a line of attack. 

The students in the California Freedom Project at California State University in Northridge, a group which works to advance free market and constitutional principles, used their Leadership Institute training to draw attention to the unconstitutional speech code on their campus.

Activism Success: Conservative School Newspaper Exposes
Activism Success: Conservative School Newspaper Exposes "#StopWhitePeople2K16 RA Training"

When you experience liberal bias on your campus, finding a way to expose it can be a challenge. 

Resident Assistants at Binghamton University in New York came face to face with that bias during their training when one of the breakout sessions was entitled #StopWhitePeople2K16.

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