Your Brand Online
Your online content is how many people judge you these days.

I Google strangers all the time to find information about them. What used to be creepy is now the norm.

Make sure your online brand shows others what you want them to see. Here are the bare necessities:

- LinkedIn – get a profile, fill it with your expertise, and connect to as many friends and professional contacts as possible.  It’s not a very active site (read – you only have to do something with it when you change jobs or learn a new skill), but LinkedIn is the best way for people to browse your professional expertise and network.

- Twitter – hey, I’m in new media. If you have a twitter account, post about what you’re interested in, and also what you claim expertise in – and keep it up to date.

- Facebook – it doesn’t have to be public, but keep the public part of your profile at least semi-professional looking. Make sure your profile pic, cover photo, about you, and favorite quotes sections are things your boss could see – because she can.

- Blog –use Wordpress or Tumblr to make your blog look nice for free. And remember – like everything else online, act like the world is judging you by your content – because it is.

And side note – use a first and last name sort of email.  The world looks down on sending professional emails.

So, go out there and show the world a better you – online.