The Two Million Hit Men:
LI's website boasts two million visitors in 2012

The Leadership Institute's campus news website,, achieved a record two million unique visitors in 2012.  The heavy influx of visitors continues to mobilize conservatives to fight the left on college campuses and win.

The news website, which highlights liberal biases and abuses on college campuses across the nation, attracted 2,002,970 unique visitors last year, compared to 49,741 in 2011.

(Staff of L to R: Oliver Darcy, Tim Dionisopoulous, and Josiah Ryan)

More website visitors means more victories

Since 2009, has increased its viewership dramatically, with 2012 garnering over 40 times the number of unique visitors from 2011.

Morton Blackwell, president of the Leadership Institute, remarked that " is often the spark that ignites the tinderbox.  It brings to light leftist abuses on campus and rallies conservatives to challenge the leftists and win."

The increased traffic on the website means that news spreads like wildfire.  News websites such as Fox News, Drudge Report, Daily Caller, UK Daily Mail, and many others republish stories from

Once the stories attract national news, conservatives rally and fight the liberals.

Leadership Institute rallies conservatives, shuts down liberal indoctrination

A few examples of’s conservative victories:

- University of Minnesota – Duluth officials sponsored an “Un-Fair Campaign,” paid for with taxpayer dollars, stating that any success a white person had was from “white privilege.”  This outrageous campaign to indoctrinate students was uncovered by Leadership Institute staff and featured on  The story received over 275,000 visitors on the website, and many of these viewers expressed their outrage by calling the university until the school’s voicemail system shut down.  Due to the outcry produced by the Leadership Institute’s efforts, the university pulled the funding and stopped the project.

- Louisiana State University administrators digitally removed small Christian crosses from a photo of students to promote the university’s football program.  University administrators claimed to alter the photo so as to not “convey a religious message.”  After featuring this story on, intense pressure from conservatives angered over this censorship forced university officials to apologize to the students in the photo.

- A math professor at Brevard Community College in Florida told her students to sign an election pledge she handed out that read “I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.”  After this outrageous behavior was exposed and publicized on, the professor was placed on leave without pay.

Because of the generous support from donors, the Leadership Institute’s is responsible for exposing outrageous liberal biases and indoctrination on college campuses.  The nationwide exposure created by at the click of a button quickly mobilizes conservatives to action and leads to many victories over liberal abuses.