Conservatives Polish their PR Skills at LI’s Advanced Public Relations School
The past three evenings this week, 20 conservatives gathered in Arlington, Virginia at the Leadership Institute’s Steven P.J. Wood Building to enhance their public relations skills at LI’s Advanced Public Relations School.

Attendees came from many backgrounds, including: non profits, government agencies, and defense contractors.

The training blended the lecture style most common with LI trainings with hands-on practice.  As LI’s Director of Communications Training Rachel Phillips noted, “PR is about practice. You can learn these skills the more you work on them.”

Attendees formed groups to practice the lessons taught by: Jessica Towhey of Dezenhall Resources; Stuart Roy of Prism Public Affairs; and Abigail Alger of LI. 

Each group was given a scenario, brainstormed how to respond to the crisis, and then held a mock press conference.

One group represented a restaurant company with a food crisis.  They had a Bird Flu outbreak and had to respond to public concerns.  One person played the role of a communications director, one had to write the press release, and the third person played the spokesman during the press conference.

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