Public Speaking Workshop--Tools for Both the Amateur and the Veteran Presenter
June 23, 2011, Arlington, VA— Conveying a message is more than the simple articulation of ideas; it involves stylistic and intentional verbiage, appropriate hand gestures and body movements, and a correct understanding of the audience. Last week, 15 students learned how to relay an effective message through persuasive delivery at the Leadership Institute’s Public Speaking Workshop.

Roncalli Communications President Dr. John Shosky discussed the importance of crafting goals for a speech based on the message and audience. “I know that I benefited greatly from Dr. Shoskey’s discussion on the substance of a good speech,” remarked student Andrew Patterson from Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

Ian Ivey, program expert for General Services Administration, taught four roles imperative to becoming an excellent presenter. “You must be an expert, an owner, a performer, and a teacher through preparation and practice.”

Accompanied by energetic gestures and exclamations, Ian shared various tips for effective communication: “Know 10 times what you’ll tell them; write good transitions that effectively relate things to one another; when your mouth is moving, you’re looking at someone’s eyes; intent is not result.”

Student Caitlin Byrd, assistant policy analyst at the National Tax Payers Union Foundation, said, “Both speakers were unique and had different deliveries, but were equally effective and very influential.”

Andrew summed up his experience at the workshop. “The Leadership Institute’s Public Speaking Workshop provides public speaking tools that can be used by both the amateur and veteran presenter.”

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