"Tito the Builder" Comes to LI Campaign Management School

When Tito Munoz came to the United States several years ago, he was adamant "not to be a burden on the country, the government, or the American people."

Coming from Columbia, his political passion and ideology stem from personal experience. “We had Venezuela and Bolivia right next door. I saw government intrusion and take-over firsthand. I came here and said, ‘Not here in America!’”

Tito became an American citizen “on September 27, 2008 to be exact,” Tito says, quickly pointing out how much that date means to him. “The day I became a citizen, I became involved in politics. I got my citizenship, immediately registered to vote, and then joined the Republican Party.”

His active involvement led him to be nicknamed ‘Tito the Builder’ as Tito actively campaigned for the Republican nominee during the 2008 elections. He was featured on many news and media outlets. During the 2010 midterm elections, he was featured on CNN International’s election night coverage in Spanish, explaining the Tea Party activists’ role in the outcome of the elections.

In an effort to promote the Constitution and free markets to the Spanish speaking American public, Tito founded the Conservative Hispanic Coalition. “As Latinos, we are the largest minority in the United States. We have to take our place in history and preserve the vision of the founding fathers of this nation. It is our duty. It is our responsibility,” he said.

The catalyst for the conception of the Conservative Hispanic Coalition is very personal to Tito, as he feels the Hispanic community in America has been deceived. “It is crucial to reach the growing segment of new immigrants with a conservative message as soon as possible, even before they learn English. The mainstream media and liberals have lied to them in Spanish about conservative values, and it is time to set the record straight and deliver the truth.”

To adequately spread the message, Tito has a weekly radio talk show aimed at the Hispanic community; appropriately entitled ‘America Eres Tu’ or America is you. “Every day we make choices. Many of us were not born here; we chose to come to this great nation and it has given us so much. Choose the right path and defend what is so special about America because America Eres TU,” Tito said.

Between spearheading the Conservative Hispanic Coalition and hosting a weekly radio show, Tito is the president of a Dale City, Virginia based construction company.

Despite his time-consuming involvement, he has attended multiple LI trainings. Recently, Tito attended the Campaign Management School, and commended the program. “This is not like college where you only have professors with book knowledge. Here, you get teachers with book knowledge and practical knowledge. This is what they do!”

Speaking at a September 12 Freedom Works rally in Washington, D.C. Tito rallied the crowd by saying, “As our founding founders fought the British redcoats, today we have a job; it is to fight the socialist redcoats in Washington!”

Tito continues to stay active, and is committed to using LI training to stay passionately involved with his party and in his community. He is even exploring the possibility of running for state legislature stating, “I was born in Columbia, but I was made in the USA!”

To learn more about America Eres Tu, please click here or visit www.americaerestu.com

For information on Tito PAC, please visit www.titopac.org