Forty-Seven South Americans, Many Leaders in Their Country, Train at LI
February 3, 2011, Arlington, VA--Traveling from South America, 47 students gathered at the Leadership Institute for a week-long international leadership training seminar. Read more for student and faculty testimonies.

LI training had “top of the line speakers, high quality content, carefully planned topics and profound insights,” said LI student and Conservative Party of Nicaragua Electoral Commission Secretary Ing. Raul Baca. The training “left me with the gifts of clarity and renewed purpose. Now I have a very powerful set of assets to take back to my county and share with my peers,” Mr. Baca said.

The students gathered with the common goal of being better prepared to lead in their communities back home. They experienced a week full of learning taught by prestigious LI faculty seasoned in the political industry.

Among the featured speakers was Stephen Clouse, president of Stephen Clouse and Associates. Mr. Clouse shared his knowledge of how to be a great communicator with the students in his presentation.

“What a great group you bring us to serve,” Mr. Clouse said. “I was very impressed by the caliber and thoughtful questions. Thank you (LI) for all you do to advance liberty around the world!”

Other faculty included: Larry Ward, president of the new media consulting firm Political Media; Professor Philip Bom of Regent University who discussed Constitutional democracy and leadership; former Ambassador Terry Miller; Don Irvine, chairman of Accuracy in Media; and Michelle Taylor, vice president of A.C. Fitzgerald & Associates, LLC.  The students also had a visit from former President of Ecuador Dr. Lucio Gutierrez.

“The wonderful experience lived at the Leadership Institute will positively affect the rest of my life in my constant democratic battle to achieve better days for the Ecuadorian people,” said Dr. Gutierrez.

LI Director of International and Government Programs Miguel Moreno assembled the challenging, rewarding program that equipped students with the tools to be effective leaders. Through interactive lectures as diverse as new media and technological networking, to television training assuring a polished, well-spoken presentation when confronted by the media, students had an edge for future political victories.  
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