The Roanoke Times mentions Conservatism 101

The Roanoke Times mentions Conservatism 101, a project of the Leadership Institute and the Burke Society, on the campus of the University of Virginia that has expanded curriculum by introducing a course on political conservatism.

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"Conservative students at the University of Virginia (UVA) successfully introduced a course on political conservatism to their curriculum and now will expand their efforts to other colleges. Conservatism 101, a project of the Burke Society at the University of Virginia and the Leadership Institute, will help students and professors introduce courses to their schools.

“Too often, the campus left uses its power to monopolize the curriculum and indoctrinate the next generation,” said Morton Blackwell, president of the Leadership Institute. “Conservatism 101 will provide intellectual diversity to colleges that sorely need it.”

The UVA course, American Conservatism in the 20th Century, introduces students to the principles and history of the conservative movement. Members of the Burke Society, a UVA campus conservative group, designed the course with assistance from conservative professors and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

“I am excited to build on our success at the University of Virginia,” said Wes Siler, Executive Director of Conservatism 101 and an alumnus of UVA and the Burke Society. “Conservatism 101 empowers students to start conservative classes at their university. The conservative perspective deserves to be taught alongside a liberal or ‘progressive’ perspective to give students the full education that they deserve.”

This fall, Conservatism 101 will identify conservative students and professors across America who want to introduce a course on conservatism to their campus curriculum. For more information, please visit

Conservatism 101 ( is a new, student-led initiative that empowers students to start classes to teach about conservative principles at their colleges. For more information, contact Executive Director Wes Siler at 901-569-6424 or

Founded in 1979, the Leadership Institute ( is one of the nation’s largest and most experienced political training organizations."