Writing is a skill, and it requires practice
Winning people over to conservative principles requires those who work in the movement communicate clearly and persuasively.  Effective writing is one of the most valuable skills you can possess.  


When I started out in the conservative movement, it did not take long before I was writing regularly, but it takes constant practice.  


If you work on the Hill, you are expected to correspond with constituents on complex policy standpoints.  At a more senior level, you will be expected to write speeches that engage large audiences.  If you want to work for a campaign, being able to formulate a clear message to compose literature that persuades residents to give their vote to your candidate will make you indispensable.  


I am no expert by any means, and work constantly to improve my skills.  Here are some ways you can do the same.


Read by Habit


By reading every day, you will not only increase your vocabulary but expose yourself to new techniques which will reflect in your communication.  I recommend The Writing System by Daniel Graham as a start.  Also, reading the news every day serves the purpose of building your writing skills and keeping you informed.     


I understand, however, reading by habit comes more naturally to some than others.  If you struggle to motivate yourself to read, try fiction books.  Go to a coffee place where you will not be disturbed and leave your cell phone behind.   


Find Useful Blogs


There are so many options available; websites like Grammarly and dailywritingtips.com can provide you with useful advice. Because there are so many options, feel free to try many different sites until you find one that works for you!


Take a Workshop or Writing Course


There are a multitude of courses and “gurus” out there who can help you improve your writing skills. Whether you want to find a specific kind of writing training (such as how to write a press release), or you want a more well-rounded training (like the Leadership Institute’s Written Communications Workshop) there is something out there that will help you improve.


Practice at Work


Like a musical instrument, the more you practice writing, the more fluent you become.  Many graduates today pick up bad habits at college that employers have to break.  Look for opportunities at work to practice; perhaps you can help write marketing emails, blogs, or newsletters.  Ask for frank and honest feedback you can use to improve.


Remember, nobody is born a great writer.  All of the best communicators had to learn and take criticism along the way.  If you can develop the skill, you will be an asset to the conservative movement.  


Trust me, good writers are hard to find!