Canadian Taxpayers

“I’m a believer that impacts are made outside the partisan process,” said Troy Lanigan, president of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and vice chair of the World Taxpayers Association.

Troy is an influential figure on both a national and international stage. Like many others in the conservative movement, he claims humble beginnings at the Leadership Institute.

Troy has been naturally inclined toward politics since he was young.

His interest in conservatism was sparked by the works of authors such as Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, Thomas Jefferson and Ayn Rand. As the son of a union leader, these beliefs were constantly challenged and his convictions were consequently strengthened.

After attending the Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School in 1988, Troy entered the conservative movement full force. He was invited to run a youth campaign in New York.

Later, he came to LI’s Candidate Development School in July 1990 and the Direct Mail School in August 1991.Shortly after, he came to work for the Leadership Institute in 1991 as the director of education. LI became his launch pad to begin working for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the same organization that he now heads.

In his role at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Troy has been able to make a significant impact on policy and public opinion.

“The role of these [advocacy] groups may be less glamorous than achieving public office but their importance in moving broader public opinion is critical,” he said.

One of Troy’s proudest accomplishments has been the student internship program he created after becoming president in 2009.

His time at LI highlighted the importance of getting young people involved and giving them opportunities to start their career paths in fields that influence public policy and opinion.

“Fourteen young people will have gone through the internship program by the end of this calendar year.  Many are now working full-time in public policy positions,” said Troy.

A group of Troy’s former interns created a campus-based organization called Generation Screwed, which aims to provide alternatives to the welfare state and is funded by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

“Skills matter. Effectiveness matters. To my knowledge no one does this work as comprehensively or as well as the Leadership Institute. To my knowledge, no one in the movement has impacted as many lives as the Leadership Institute,” Troy said.

Troy has been a consistent advocate for economic liberty and prosperity throughout his career and he has been an advocate for young people looking to fight for these principles.

Please congratulate Troy Lanigan for the work the Canadian Taxpayers Federation does, and please applaud him for receiving LI’s Conservative Leader Award.

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